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  Thanks for helping me get a good score in verbal.The instructors were very clear in explaining
what I was doing wrong and how I should improve. The personalized gre verbal session was
very well managed. Thank you once again for helping :) Kudos to the CrackVerbal Team!


   The Quant and Verbal coursework was very similar to the real test which helped me get
acclimatized to all kinds of questions that were to be hurled at me during the test.
The strategies to tackle the verbal section, especially RC & CR, were very helpful
and came in very handy during the test. But,the best part about the coursework
has to be the Flashcards. The pictorial mnemonics made those
esoteric words so much easier & less boring to memorize! The faculty was also
very friendly & easily approachable and helped me in improving my weak areas a lot.
Thanks a lot CrackVerbal, for helping me successfully tackle Mission GRE.


   A main factor that differentiates CrackVerbal from its competitors is their
focus on Vocabulary – take for instance their innovative flashcardsthat make vocabulary
building fun and easy! It laid a good platform for me to start
learning the words and also laid the foundation for developing my
vocabulary beyond the flashcards by giving me the required confidence and technique to
remember the words.and were readily available to explain my queries anytime. Overall, it
was a good experience and I would recommend CrackVerbal to


   CrackVerbal started out by demystifying the whole process and their
Quant Sessions gave me a great boost in confidence. Owing
to some preparedness in Verbal I was a bit…

-Raghavan : GRE 323

What does this course comprise?

This course consists of beautifully shot HD videos in which your instructor explains all the GRE concepts you need to know, shows you how to apply them, and gives you strategy tips for that winning edge on test day.

This comprehensive all-pass access course is all that you will need to master the GRE.

This course includes:

Concepts: Over 42 HD videos where CrackVerbal's GRE experts take you through each and every concept tested on the GRE.

Application: This will include drills on each concept, in the form of 100+ GRE-Standard questions, to help you learn the techniques that will help you max your score on test-day!

The course also includes:

Live weekly online sessions with CrackVerbal Expert GRE instructor to discuss the biggest challenges GRE throws at you

Video Explanations for all the ETS GRE questions

For any questions about the course, please feel free to mail us atl or call our GRE Online Experts at 9590944800.